Toilet paper is pretty useful. But what would life be without art?

To give ourselves something to look forward to, and to give freelancers/artists around us a chance to make some money after the quarantine, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to organise the first post-pandemic art expo.

From sculptors to audio designers, from photographers to art directors: over forty artists from across the world have taken up our invitation to make art reflecting on the virus, on their quarantine or on new beginnings afterwards.

Most of these are freelancers currently without income. All will participate in our exhibition, hosted at Chateau.Amsterdam.

At the exhibition, all their art will be sold at a price established by the artists themselves. All proceeds (minus 10% handling) will go to them– or to a charity of their choosing.

As soon as we know when, we will communicate the exhibition date (and possible social-distancing rules for attending) on this page.

Keep making beautiful things,

Delia, Jessica and Sidney.

About us

We’re three freelance creatives currently living in Amsterdam’s lockdown. Jessica Walker, originally from South Africa, is a digital and experiential designer, Delia Mennell is a designer from Australia and Sidney Vollmer is a copywriter and creative director from Amsterdam.

DELIA MENNELL an Aussie art director and designer
SIDNEY VOLLMER a Dutch creative director
JESS WALKER a South African designer

We couldn’t have done this without the help of:

Art is a primary necessity of life. Before, during and after Corona.